• ITS Breda B.V.

International transport

For you as a customer or shipper ITS Breda offers transport in Europe with our "own" trucks that are dispatched and controlled directly by us. Whether it is 1 pallet or a full truck load: ITS Breda will arrange it for you. We work with small independent transport companies that fully drive and work under our supervision. This means that the carrier places the trucks under the control of ITS Breda and we handle everything else. The truck that is used works solely for ITS Breda. Because we work with smaller carriers and maintain a rigorous selection, we can offer you the guarantee of constant quality, clear communication and good service.


Before ITS Breda will be working with a carrier there has been a visit on location at the carrier (domestic or foreign) to ensure that the carrier complies with all the conditions and requirements that ITS Breda demands.


A contract (service level agreement) is signed with all our carriers and is at your disposal in the office of ITS Breda. At least two times a year a personal interview is held with the carrier in which we discuss all operations (i.e. improvements, developments, problems, etc.) so we are able to live up to our continuous strive for improvement.


ITS Breda and all carriers working for ITS Breda are in the possession of all legal permits and insurance . Also all vehicles including trailers are in top condition and at least Euro 5 certified or higher.