• ITS Breda B.V.


One of our specialties is trucking. Commissioned by you as our customer, we can offer you trucks with or without trailers which fully operate under your control. We also offer you the possibility to put the truck and trailer in your company colors, naturally in consultation with you as our customer.


The benefits of trucking are a reduction in costs, you are able to place the sufficient number of trucks at times when it is needed and you only pay per driven kilometer. The price per kilometer includes truck, trailer and driver (single or double staffed) and any surcharges (excluding road taxes). This ensures that you can offer the same service as transportation with your own vehicles (direct control), with the advantage that you will immediately be able to see the cost per trip. Should business be slow and you (temporarily) do not require our service, the costs will not continue.


Because we work in an international world, we have drivers residing in the whole of Europe and speaking several languages, but not necessarily Dutch. The minimum requirement to our drivers is that they speak English or German and be proactive, in accordance with the mindset of ITS Breda.


Of course it is also possible that the entire communication is done by ITS Breda, obviously in consultation and in accordance with the instructions of you as our customer. Should you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us