• ITS Breda B.V.


For the countries where ITS Breda does not provide the service with our own managed trucks, we can offer you solutions through our collaboration with partners/carriers from abroad. Of these partners/carriers, we have made a selection by country. ITS Breda works with partners abroad who specialize in one country (to Italy with an Italian carrier, to Poland with a Polish carrier etc.). With all these carriers the people of ITS Breda have a relationship of many years which assures us they provide the quality and service ITS Breda requires.


Because ITS Breda works with carriers from the country of destination we are able to offer an excellent service at a very competitive price!


By clearly communicating the shipments’ specific requirements with our partners/carriers and keeping regular reviews, we are assured the shipment is in good hands.


The shipments can be entered into the online booking system from ITS Breda so you are to able see when a shipment is loaded and unloaded. Once a shipment has been unloaded the pod will be put online as soon as possible.


Also for issues concerning multimodal transport, maritime or air freight, you can count on us. Through years of experience we are able to provide the right partner against excellent conditions.


Should you have any questions about the above mentioned presentation, than please contact us.